Aruun'dara Evenglow

Aruun'dara is young Elf Warpriestess out to find her family. Little of the world outside of the Feywild is known to her, but quickly will she master its surprises.


Having endured much hardship over the last few tendays has been stressful. But to be burdened by her feelings is not something Aruun comprehends, although they may sometimes rule her.


Aruun’dara spent 15 years in service of the priests and priestesses of Kord, studying to become a storm cleric. Her life among her kin and clan were happy times spent in much song and dance and story telling. That wasn’t to say that Aruun’dara didn’t stand out even by elf standards. Her days were mostly happy even though she had a storm temperment that landed in the service of Kord and in training to be a Warpriestess. As happy and carefree as she can be, Aruun’dara can also be volitile and exceptional angry if pushed to a certain point.


Cleric- Aruun’dara has learned to protect and heal her friends but is no less deadly in a fight.


Short by elf standards, Aruun stands less that 5 1/2 feet tall. She has long, wavy autumn red hair and deep, violet colored eyes. Also fair-skinned as most elves of the Feywilds are.


Though the deaths of kin and clan (exact number unknown) trouble Aruun deeply, though none would be able to tell outwardly. it is the wisodm of the elves that all that is good and precious is fleeting and to mourn its loss is to mourn the natural order. Aruun accepts what happened with typical elf wisdom and remains her vibrant, friendly, and joyful self.

Aruun'dara Evenglow

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