Foul Skulls in Tarnished Hands

Third Excerpt of the Warpriestess Arunn'dara Evenglow

It is our second day in the dungeon beneath the abandoned house, it has been nothing short of interesting. Dragonballs and I have returned to our normal selves. We ventured further in and found a group of kobolds gambling around a fighting ring. Lauren changed into one of them and attempted to help us sneak by to no avail. Instead we gave over to a bet, our strongest fighter against theirs for passage. Kyo and a large Kobold went into the pit and Kyo came out in no time at all victorious. This made the Kobolds angry (coupled with Emere’s cheating) and after a while we had fought them all off.

Traveling deeper in filled some of us with a familliar sense of dread. Undeath fills these halls and we are urged further by prays to Tiamet and the summoner chantiing and bringing back the deceased.



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