Foul Skulls in Tarnished Hands

Second Excerpt of the Warpriestess Aruun'dara Evenglow

Our company set forth from Falcrest with two new. Lauren Laneel, apersonable young changeling who seems nice enough; and a genasi wizard he too seems decent, albeit odd in temperment. We made our way down the darkening road to an old, overgrown sign and a dirt path tha led to an abandoned, ramshackle house. It seems we may find our quarry here. The genasi, Emere, proved useful in thi effort.

Further into the depths did we travel, finding our foe and dispatching them quickly. Unfortunate, though, as they did carry what we sought. It was here, in this chamber, did Dragonballs and myself find ourselves in the strangest of predicaments. The dragonborn paladin and I investagted a pit of green sludge. At first touch, the paladin found himself a man no more but into a woman transformed! I in my foolishness dove into the pit, hoping to discover its secrets but my gender was likewise altered and beyond my ability to cure. My prayers be to Kord this night, I hope beyond to return to myself.



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