Foul Skulls in Tarnished Hands

Fifth Excerpt of the Warpriestess Aruun'dara Evenglow

Things have begun to turn strange here in the town of Fallcrest. Merryment was spread throughout the Silver Unicorn Inn although the outside world was in turmoil. Weird things are afoot in the graveyard and people are missing. It was easy to forget while the games were going and the ale and wine were flowing. That was until things went amiss in the inn as well. A strange man was spotted outside in the storm and a whole floor of tenants were murdered! The dead haven’t risen but one did have an unfortunate reaction to the skull in my pack. It appears as though someone may be watching us. What they expect to see, however, remains a mystery.

Fourth Excerpt of the Warpriestess Aruun'dara Evenglow

Today has been a sad and dreary day, our paladin and friend Dragonballs, was slain in battle. We pray to Bahamut that he take our companion to his side and keep him always though his body wanders without his spirit. We attempted to fight the dragon that had killed our friend but it was soon joined by hordes of the undead and we were rescued by a paladin in shining plate armor. As he was leaving we found that he too was of the undead. It seems that they may not all be as mindless as we thought. Traevus also contacted us via courier. The boy carried a message and a map, we may have found further purpose outside this town and beyond our grief for our fallen friend.

Third Excerpt of the Warpriestess Arunn'dara Evenglow

It is our second day in the dungeon beneath the abandoned house, it has been nothing short of interesting. Dragonballs and I have returned to our normal selves. We ventured further in and found a group of kobolds gambling around a fighting ring. Lauren changed into one of them and attempted to help us sneak by to no avail. Instead we gave over to a bet, our strongest fighter against theirs for passage. Kyo and a large Kobold went into the pit and Kyo came out in no time at all victorious. This made the Kobolds angry (coupled with Emere’s cheating) and after a while we had fought them all off.

Traveling deeper in filled some of us with a familliar sense of dread. Undeath fills these halls and we are urged further by prays to Tiamet and the summoner chantiing and bringing back the deceased.

Second Excerpt of the Warpriestess Aruun'dara Evenglow

Our company set forth from Falcrest with two new. Lauren Laneel, apersonable young changeling who seems nice enough; and a genasi wizard he too seems decent, albeit odd in temperment. We made our way down the darkening road to an old, overgrown sign and a dirt path tha led to an abandoned, ramshackle house. It seems we may find our quarry here. The genasi, Emere, proved useful in thi effort.

Further into the depths did we travel, finding our foe and dispatching them quickly. Unfortunate, though, as they did carry what we sought. It was here, in this chamber, did Dragonballs and myself find ourselves in the strangest of predicaments. The dragonborn paladin and I investagted a pit of green sludge. At first touch, the paladin found himself a man no more but into a woman transformed! I in my foolishness dove into the pit, hoping to discover its secrets but my gender was likewise altered and beyond my ability to cure. My prayers be to Kord this night, I hope beyond to return to myself.

First excerpt of the Warpriestess Aruun'dara Evenglow

My companions and I have spent the last few night cycles in the town of Fallcrest. Much urgency brought us to this place, but our most important task, to bring the retrieved box to Traevus the dwarven merchant. The box holds a skull which holds necrotic power.We returned the box but not before its owner did much explaining at length. We sleep this night before we leave town for a certain Kobold Hall for after we help a blacksmith from town who was robbed by these kobolds, we set upon the the large task of destroying the remaining necromantic skulls. A task that the human, Kyo, greatly looks forwad to, as she yearns to please the raven queen.

The story so far
  • Aruundara and Kyo were travelling to Fallcrest with a dwarven merchant named traevus, a few miles away they were ambushed by goblins!
  • Aruundara and Kyo succefully beat back the goblins. While Aruundara tended to Traevus’ wounds Kyo wanted some information, so she went to one of the dead goblins and somehow managed to kick the goblins back to life!
  • After giving the intimidating Kyo the information as to where their base was the goblin collapsed forever this time.
  • Traevus asked the two to retrieve a box the goblins took and he would reward them. So off they went.
    Once getting to the cave entrance Aruundara and Kyo made short work on the surprised goblins but decided that before they went further they should see if they could get any sort of help from town.
  • On the way to Fallcrest a few wolves and goblins attacked! Kyo took a beating and nearly died on the road that day, but she made the final blow and cut off the final wolves tail and tied it to her armor.
  • In town the two of them found two more adventurers looking for help, a dragonborn paladin (who has conflicts with staying on the lawful side) of bahamut, who wishes nothing more than to destroy anything and everything of tiamat(dragonballs the great dragonborn paladin), and an elven fighter who liked nothing more than to use his bow on anything and everything, even if his accuracy is horrible(reed).
  • After having a full party they departed for the cave of goblins, once they got there though they realized that their last attack did not go unnoticed! Goblins filled the cave once more and a bugbear was near the entrance looking out for intruders. The fight was a difficukt one, as Reed wasa convinced to go and try to talk to the goblins, and the rest of the party used this distraction to move around and try to flank the goblins. After being ambushed by archers in the trees the party was suscceful and moved towards the back of the cave where they saw an entrance to a sort of underground complex.
  • Once inside the party encountered many goblins and even met a dragon (who very nearly tried to kill them, but they fed him a horse they found in the beginning of the dungeon) that said he would reward them if they were to remove the filth of Malareth.
  • so onward the party went finding hordes of goblins, but finally nearing the final entrance they found humans who were paid to protect Malareth. Once the group nearly killed all of them one of the humans turned on her comrades and killed the final one herself!
  • after tying the human up with 50 feet of rope the party found out thta she was in fact a changeling who was paid to protect Malareth, but not so much that she was willing to die for him. She told them that Malareth had undead with him and poinred the way to his study.
  • entering the study the party found Malareth studying something that was in Traevus’ box, but where their attention was turned to the massive undead corpse of what appeared to once have been an ogre. The party then ripped through skeletons and then Reed ran up to the ogre and dealt a deadly hit slicing the ogre head clear off. The party finally killed Malarath and claimed his magical staff.
  • The party picked up the box that the merchant wanted them to retrieve and found that it held a skull that emitted necrotic power!
  • On their way out the encountered a storage area that had a large bugbear who appeared to be roasting a naked eladrin wizard. Aruundara refused to help the wizard but the rest of the party started to move to help when suddenly the wizard teleported from the fire and burned her ropes off! aftter the party (now plus one) killed the other goblins and started on the bugubear he ran towards the fire and killed himself pouring the fire over himelf hoping to kill the others with him.
  • The party returned to the dragon for his promised reward when suddenly Dargonballs the dragonborn paladin jumped at him trying to kill him! It was a difficult fight but the party appreciated their new addition after she covered the dragon in acid melting him to death.
  • Once the group left the cave they found more undead searching the goblin corpses being led by a mysterious tiefling and her wererat underling. Explaining the fact that the power of the skull was small by itself but could have an infinite amount power when combined with the others of its kind the party decided to attack the foul necromancer and all her undead (and wererat).
  • The party then set off for Fallcrest to find Traevus, with more an more questions…

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